2 thoughts on “SK 1992 Vintage

  1. Scoobah

    Missed the show of a lifetime due to my parents not allowing me to go out in a snowstorm. The original lineup was touring with Extreme in ’92…believe the show was in Sioux City or Omaha. Since then I’ve seen Saigon Kick two times in Sioux Falls, SD and the 2K tour in St. Paul. You guys have been an enduring musical influence…I really hope you come to the Twin Cities. Don’t care what’s planned that day- I would make it work. Love you guys!

    1. Danny Evans

      I saw Saigon Kick open as well for Extreme(Blowing them off the stage by the way) obviously Nuno can shred but Jason completely holds his own and SK’s body of work is like the Beatles compared to Extreme. It is inexplicable to me how this incredible band didn’t take the world by storm in the 90′s and yet hacks like Creed did.


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